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Anne Marie Finley of Biotech Policy Group to Present Moving Beyond Rare Diseases: What Are the Challenges? and Academia, Industry, & Venture Partnerships: The New Wave During Genetic RX Conference at Harvard Medical School

BOSTON, MA, December 7 – Biotech Policy Group, an industry leading healthcare regulatory policy and government relations consulting firm will be featured at the Genetic Rx Boston Conference at Harvard Medical School in Boston on December 7, 2017 to discuss the challenges in genetic therapy development for rare and more common diseases and a second panel presentation on academia, industry and venture partnerships.

Genetic Rx Boston is an exclusive, thought-leader forum for senior biopharma executives. The conference is highly interactive and co-hosted by healthcare industry leaders to foster discussions and facilitate information sharing, networking and corporate development in the biopharma community. The conference is an invitation only event that allows for top-tier experts to discuss key issues in the industry and brainstorm in an off-the-record way.

Anne Marie Finley, President of Biotech Policy Group, will be featured on two panels during the conference. In the first panel, she will be discussing the challenges in development of new therapies for genetic diseases. The second panel discussion will focus on the newest work in academia, industry and venture partnerships.

“I am honored to be presenting for the third consecutive year at Genetic Rx Boston on the challenges of developing therapies for many diseases as well as providing insights on academia, industry, and venture partnerships. Genetic Rx Boston brings together key leaders to discuss new genetic medicines and new technologies in treating patients with rare, ultra-rare and more common genetic diseases,” said Anne Marie Finley, president of Biotech Policy Group.

The Genetic Rx Boston Conference is an all-day event being held at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School on December 7, 2017. Biotech Policy Group will be presenting in an early afternoon session at 1:00 pm eastern entitled: Moving Beyond Rare Diseases: What are the Challenges? and at a 2:00 pm eastern panel entitled: Academia, Industry, & Venture Partnerships: The New Wave.

Biotech Policy Group specializes in developing regulatory and public policy solutions for pharmaceutical, biologic, diagnostic, medical device and food clients. Biotech Policy Group has extensive expertise in the development of products for rare diseases and unmet medical needs. Biotech Policy Group was founded in 2001 and has offices in Washington, DC and Milwaukee, WI.

Biotech Policy Group President Anne Marie Finley was named a Top 50 Global Thought Leader in Orphan Drugs and Rare Diseases by the World Orphan Drug Congress in 2014, after a 20 year career in orphan drug development in senior level positions at the US Food and Drug Administration, US Department of Health and Human Services, Celgene, GE Healthcare, Amersham and as a consultant to many biotech companies, academic medical centers and patient organizations.

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